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Jökulsárlón´s Exotic Palette Private

    Tour Operator: Helo-Helicopter Service of Iceland     6h 30m     Travel method: Flying     Region: Capital Region

This full day expedition of Iceland’s south coast is an adventure of a lifetime! On the way to the Glacier lagoons we head off the beaten track and into the southern highlands. We will take you over incredible landscapes, ferocious volcanoes, glaciers, glacial rivers and beautiful waterfalls that only a lucky few get to see. Our pilots will guide you through the wilderness and tell you all about how Iceland has been shaped in this unique way by both fire and ice.

Before we get to the lagoons we fly on the edge of Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. As we approach the Glacier lagoon we can touch down, so you can explore the area and get a closer look at the floating clear blue icebergs that have broken off the glaciers edge.

After the Glacier lagoon visit we make a stop at Hotel Laki where it is possible to enjoy some refreshments while we refuel the helicopter.


*Landing on a glacier is always pending on weather. For your safety, HELO reserves the right to alter routes, flight plans and itineraries if needed, depending on weather and other factors that can occur on such an unpredictable surface as a glacier.

*If you are travelling on your own, please contact us through email to let us know the dates you are available to join a tour and we will do our best to pair you with other interested in the same tour.

*Book sailing on Glacier lagoon in advance.

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 Warm clothes, comfortable shoes and an fully charged phone to take photos :)   

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