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Private South Coast & Glacier Lagoon tour

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Reykjavik Outventure     14 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Capital Region

  • Visit the best places that Iceland has to offer
  • See where Game of Thrones was filmed
  • Visit breathtaking waterfalls, black sand beach, beach full of diamonds, lagoon full of floating glaciers
  • Do it on your own time and with a fun local private guide
  • Do not miss out on this one!

What ever you do in Iceland, this must be on your list. The South Coast tour is absolutely…well there are not enough strong words to describe The South Coast. This area of Iceland literally takes all of your words and leave you like that the whole tour. This tour has everything Iceland has to offer. Volcanos, lava, stunning waterfalls, glacier, ocean, black sand and cliffs. Not to mention an awesome local Viking that will guide you through and keep you the best company. We can not promise though he will not show up in Viking costume. It is different how far our guides take this Viking thing.
We offer a wake up service. Sometimes we have to go all the way to guests hotel room to pick them up. We do not offer dress up service though. If you are on time, just wait in the lobby and you will be picked up there.

Before heading on this journey, your guide will introduce himself and maybe tell a joke or two. While driving to your first location you will know all about how Icelanders are awesome and how we made it to top 3 bank crashes in the world history. Yes, we are tiny but we are capable of big things.
Your first location is the Lava Exhibition. Explore Icelandic lava, volcanos and all the history. This is truly a unique experience.
Next up is the waterfall everyone are talking about. The waterfall you can walk behind. The waterfall of rainbows and unicorns. Ok we took it to far. But standing behind this marvelous waterfall while the sun is shining, you get to see an Icelandic rainbow. The name of this waterfall is Seljalandsfoss. This is one of Iceland´s most beautiful waterfalls.
After seeing rainbows and unicorns you will head to no less waterfall. The waterfall of forests, Skógafoss waterfall. There you can walk all the way up on top of it and see the water fall down 70m. Seeing nature sights like these are what travelling is all about.
A short drive further to the east of Iceland is the island that is not an island. It has an island in the name for some reason though. The name of it is Dyrhólaey. You must have had this image of what the perfect nature moment looks like. There you have it. It is absolutely marvelous standing on top there and enjoying the view around you. This is the place that robs all of your words and you just can´t explain the motions you are experiencing and what you are looking at. Sometimes we have to drag people away because they just can´t stop marveling. You have black sand beaches on each side of you. The ocean. You have these amazing cliffs. Behind you is a glacier and beautiful mountains. It´s just to much at once.
Well we have to keep on though. Ok just two minutes more.
After you will go down to The Black Sand Beach or Reynisfjara beach. You have these basaltic cliffs on your left and Dirhólaey on your right. Out in the ocean are another cliffs. It´s just an amazing place to be at. Listening to the waves and marveling at all of this.
Your last location is the Glacier Lagoon. Have you ever seen huge floating Ice? It is nothing compared to ice in a glass. It is absolutely stunning to stand by it and see all these ice in the ocean. You are surrounded by this amazing environment with glaciers, black sand and the ocean around you. In between you will have a lunch break and we will give you a taste of Iceland´s one and only Whiskey.

14 hours
Meeting point:
Pick up and drop off
Icelandic and English
Free wifi


- Seljalandsfoss

- Skógafoss

- Black sand beach/Reynisfjara

- Glacier Lagoon

- Diamond Beach

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Difficulty: Easy

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