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    Tour Operator: Reykjavík Escape     60 minutes     Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Capital Region

You and the group or players are back to childhood where you‘ve been kidnapped by a mysterious old lady. Waking up in a dark and creepy children's playroom, you realise there is no way out and you are trapped.

Fortunately, a little girl who managed to escape this room before left behind some clues for you to discover.  In order to escape you must figure out who this mysterious woman is and why she kidnapped you.

But beware - nothing is as it seems in the room and in just 60 minutes you‘ll have to work your way through all kinds of puzzles, brain teasers and riddles that may…or may not help in finding the way out to freedom.

Can you escape the room before the old lady returns?

Your fate hangs in the balance and the clock is ticking!

This room is for 2-6 people

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Difficulty: Easy


Thank you for your business and please pay attention to the following:
You must show up 15 minutes before start.
Smart phones must be shut off when trying to escape the room.
No pictures allowed inside the room.

Thanks - The Reykjavik Escape Team

  Meeting Point Information

Borgartún 6
105 Reykjavík

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