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Leiðarendi Cave - Adventure Caving

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Basecamp Iceland     60 minutes     Travel method: Self-Drive     Region: Reykjanes / Keflavík

Leiðarendi Lava tube
We like our caves to be in their raw natural state and without any installed platforms or lights. That's what we call a proper caving adventure.

Leidarendi lava tube has all that and more with the approx. 1000 meter long lava tunnel that was formed around 2000 years ago during an eruption in the Sulfurmountains volcanic system. 
Leiðarendi tunnel system opens up in the beam of your headlamp with colors ranging from bright yellow to purple and read. You can walk upright most of the time but there are low ceilings in parts of the cave where we bend down, squat or even plank our way through. With utmost care, we move along the tube seeing both the lava straws hanging from the ceiling above us and the lava drip stalagmite up close by the wall of the tunnel. It‘s another world and it is easy to forget the outside world for the approx. 50 minutes we spend in the cave.

We warm up after caving on a hot cup of chocolate in our brand new Aurora Basecamp, where you can chill out and enjoy the one-of-a-kind show of the Northern Lights.

Cave Preservation
The cave is filled with unique colorful lava rock formations that have been frozen in time for 2000 years and we show our respect by treading lightly, leaving nothing behind and taking nothing but pictures and memories.

Please note: The cave entrance and cave floor is, in some parts of the cave, covered with rocks that can be unstable. Some crouching and bending/crawling may be required.

Good sneakers or hiking shoes are necessary and gloves or mittens are nice to have. Dress warmly as the average temperature in the cave is 2°C/35°F.

Also note: Our tours are (virtually) weather-proof! If there's a storm or bad weather on the day - we have you covered with safe and super-fun storm-hiking and SUV touring when things get rough!

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Minimum age: 5 years
Difficulty: Demanding

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Guided Caving tour 

Aurora Basecamp day pass

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Weather appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes

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