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Ice Cave Classic

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Gray Line     11 hours     Travel method: Bus     Region: Capital Region

Join us on an unusual trip as wel travel inside Langjökull glacier in one of the world's largest manmade ice caves. The cavern is composed of an extensive system of tunnels and chambers that stretch close to 300 meters into the solid ice cap, towards a breathtaking natural ice cave at the heart of the glacier.

An eight-wheeler glacier truck will take us towards the glacier cap. Once inside the huge ice tunnel, a specialist glacier guide will help you explore various nooks and chambers and walk over a huge ice crevasse on a constructed bridge. As you walk further along the tunnel, the colors you see will gradually transform from white to deep blue, and you will gain a new perspective of Iceland's geological history by seeing the different layers in the ice caused by environmental changes.

In every chamber you will find interesting information about the glacier on display and for those who would like to get married in the ice cave there's even a small Ice Chapel!

We also stop by the picturesque Hraunfossar, a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming out of a lava field.

It is important to wear warm clothes and shoes

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* Necessary gear for ice caving: crampons (traction straps for your boots), waterproof coveralls

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